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HospiComm is an exciting progressive company whose expertise and capability have been developed to satisfy the most stringent and demanding requirements in every aspect of the communication industry. Today our highly trained and experienced staff is geared to offer the best options in this intensely competitive field. Our position as leader in the industry is assured by our intimate knowledge of local and international equipment.

What We Do

HospiComm Specializes In The Following ...

Nurse Call Systems

The system is designed around a hand-held unit that is easily operated by the patient.

Patient Entertainment

The patient can control the TV / Radio channels with the hand-held unit, which acts as a Remote Control unit.

Fire Detection

The Fire Detection Systems will be installed by a competent member of our team and will comply with SANS 10139 and SANS 322.

Fire Fighting Equipment

HospiComm supplies all fire fighting equipment as well as all relevant signs in accordance with SANS 1475.

Access Controls

HospiComm Specializes in only the best and latest technology available for access control systems.

CCTV Systems

HospiComm has qualified personnel for the installment of High security devices such as CCTV at home or at office.


We now manufacture our own fiberglass TV brackets for our 24" TV's.

This can be ordered with or without a bracket for a decoder.

Nurse Call Systems

We now provide on-site repairs to Digimim Nurse Call System, Micro Nurse Call System & Communicall Nurse Call System.

The tasks to be performed by the nursing staff in hospitals, clinics, old age homes and other health care institutions necessitate rapid and reliable transmission of a variety of calls (e.g. nurse call, bathroom/toilet call, emergency and cardiac arrest), to the duty room, ICU etc.

In addition to the various calls, the patient in the hospital needs facilities to switch a reading lamp and to control the TV set.

Our Nurse Call System can be order with the extra emergency feature which includes the emergency function specifically designed to be used in critical environments such as ICU's and recovery wards.


Fire Fighting & Detection

We supply all fire fighting equipment as well as all relevant signs in accordance with SANS 1475.

The positioning of readily available fire fighting equipment will allow for a small fire to be quickly extinguished, preventing it from breaking out into an uncontrollable inferno and potentially claiming lives. Personnel should receive formal training on the proper use of this equipment, as this is a life saving tool but could cause serious injury should the incorrect extinguishing media be utilized.

We Provide Basic Fire Fighting Training.
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High Security

HospiComm Specializes in CCTV Systems and Access Control Systems

Access Controls

Access control systems perform authorization identification, authentication, access approval and accountability of entities through login credentials incl. passwords, pin's etc.

CCTV Systems

CCTV, utilizing digital video recorders, provides recording for possibly many years, with a variety of quality and performance options and extra features (motion detection & email alerts).

On-Site Repair Units

Digimim Nurse Call System, Micro Nurse Call System & Communicall

Our onsite repair vehicle will take care of your nurse call repairs on-site. No more sending units to supplier and waiting for weeks to get it back.

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The work done from the guys at HospiComm was extremely good! Our office building now has CCTV and i'm feeling much more at ease now. Great Job!!

Jo-Anne Van Buuren - Sales Manager


Not just did these guys do a great job, they did it in a good time frame too. We are truly satisfied and recommend your services to anyone. Much appreciated :)

Marvin Allister - Project Manager


The services of Hospicomm is highly recommended. Thanks Hospicomm for the excellent services provided to our company.

Janine - Project Manager


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