Nurse Call System


The tasks to be performed by the nursing staff in hospitals, clinics, old age homes and other health care institutions necessitate rapid and reliable transmission of a variety of calls (e.g. nurse call, bathroom/toilet call, emergency and cardiac arrest), to the duty room, ICU etc.

In addition to the various calls, the patient in the hospital needs facilities to switch a reading lamp and to control the TV set.

Our Nurse Call System can be order with the extra emergency feature which includes the emergency function specifically designed to be used in critical environments such as ICU's and recovery wards.

  • Digimim - Nurse Call Systems

    We are a certified installer of Digimim Nurse Call Systems and can do any repairs and maintenance on this system.

    Exciting new Logging system available. Hand Held Units are compatible with Communicall and Micro Nurse systems.

  • Micro Nurse System

    1. MSM02 Call/Cancel Panel With Pear-Push Cord
    2. Emergency Round BHU With TV Control & Overdoor Light
    3. Mimic Panel (Customized With Hospital or Clinic Floor Plan, LED Call Indicators, Built-In Buzzer, Silent Operation, Anodized Aluminum Finish)
    4. With Music or TV Control
    - H05 with MSM02EFX Hand held unit attached to call / cancel unit with 8 channels of music and input from ward TV, with emergency call.
    - H07X with MSM02EFX Hand held unit attached to call / cancel unit with bed TV remote control and emergency call.
    - Call system with Music or TV control for use in clinics or hospitals. Units clip into hospital ducting. Eight music channel distribution via one co-ax cable. Music, TV volume and reading light relay controlled by hand held unit.

On-Site Repair Units

Digimim Nurse Call System, Micro Nurse Call System & Communicall

Our onsite repair vehicle will take care of your nurse call repairs on-site. No more sending units to supplier and waiting for weeks to get it back.